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Posted on Thursday 29 December 2005

    Woody Harriman
    April 10, 2009 | 10:18 AM

    Dear Mickey,
    Like you, I’ve always been a Democrat – a Southern, Tennessee Democrat — just like my Dad, who died genuinely regretting that he wouldn’t be around to help Al Gore in his first US Representative race back in ’76. But these days I’m surrounded by otherwise ordinary people whose far right politics make me doubt their sanity. For a long time now, but especially since Gore v. Bush, I’ve felt that the political world has drastically changed around me while I’ve stayed the same. Now, that’s usually a signal for me to re-examine myself — watch out for the “everyone’s crazy except me” syndrome. But it always seemed intuitively obvious that it’s them who had the screwy take on things, not me. So, like you, I got to where I couldn’t carry on a civil conversation with my tv set either because of the destructively stupid things it was telling me.
    And then, out of the blue, I stumbled across your blog. Can’t tell you how happy it makes me. I think, if Mickey sees and feels the things he writes about, then just maybe there’s hope for us yet. I’m tickled to death that your head and your heart are still in the right place. And it’s not easy for me to be one, so I marvel that you’re an optimist. No wonder you chose a healing profession — I’ll bet you’re very good at it. Hell, I always knew you’d do well whatever you chose to do.

    Anyway, thank you for fighting the good fight. And it’s really good to know you’re alive, kicking and apparently doing ok.

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