judy, judy…

Posted on Friday 30 December 2005

Look who is back on the circuit. Last I heard, she was giving lectures on a fancy cruise boat about a reporter’s shield law. Click the picture to see her interviewed for abc’s nightline, though it didn’t air [link from firedoglake]. If you can stand to watch it, notice her disembody herself. Whenever she is asked about anything of substance, she moves from "I" to "I testified that" or "my notes say that" and the "I don’t remember" phrases are concretized. She might as well say, "That question is in the I don’t remember category." She has a particular fixed smile that goes with the "don’t remember category." Judith Miller is easy to forget, but she comes back quickly as soon as she opens her mouth. She’s still trying to sell herself as a real reporter – perplexed by all the wrong Intelligence. The reason I’m posting this link is that there’s one particular answer that says something very Judy. She is on her wrong Intelligence kick, then spins it saying that she now wonders about our other Intelligence – like about Syria and Iran – implying that we don’t know what evil they are up to. Once an apocalyptic crackpot, always an apocalyptic crackpot, I always say. Even if she’s right, she’s wrong, because her mind always heads for the same conclusion.  She uses the word "cautious" to to describe her paranoid view of the world. Were I she, I think I’d be holed up in a cabin out there where the Aspens turn together and the deer and the antelope play…
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