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Posted on Friday 30 December 2005

There’s a lot of criticism of the Democrats for not coming up with something to do about the runaway Bush Administration. I don’t share that sentiment. There aren’t that many of them, for one thing. They’ve been blasted so hard by the Rovian Contempt Machine for five years that they’re traumatized for another. But the main thing is that the Republicans are using the same dirty tricks in the Congress that are used in the White House. This article in the Christian Science Monitor, ‘What’s in that bill?’ The risk of deadline votes, describes the climate they’re dealing with on an everyday basis.

The Democrats are just trying to keep their heads above water. Help them out. Vote some more of them into office. Abramoff is going clean out some space for them…

    December 30, 2005 | 10:28 AM

    And I’d also defy those naysayers with the pat responses of “The Dem’s don’t have any answers to – fill in the Blank issues – …” to why the Dem’s should or would be responsible for these atoricities? And who can blame anyone for not having a crystal ball set of answers to rectify so many FUBARs on a single Administraion watch as this.

    The Rethugnicans and these Un-Constitutional Americans have dismantled or destroyed so many of the principles they supposedly *value* at the expense of the Nation as a whole. All the Kings Horses and all the King’s men can’t fit that Repiglican Humpty back into his shattered eggshell again.

    December 30, 2005 | 10:29 AM

    Ooops (Queen of the Typos strikes again) should say * atrocities*


    Abby's mom
    December 30, 2005 | 11:09 AM

    For those of you, who like me aren’t up on all the current jargon, I googled FUBAR.

    FUBAR is an acronym that originated in the military to stand for the words “f***ed up beyond all repair.” Thanks for the new word, Karen.

    December 30, 2005 | 11:28 AM


    You’re one after my own heart. I say if you expect something from Democrats, vote for them. Don’t drown them and then say ‘you’re not breathing very well!’

    Abby's mom
    December 30, 2005 | 11:57 AM

    By the way, after reading that Christian Science Monitor article that you reference, I had a snit and wrote both my senators and my congressman.

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