Posted on Tuesday 21 February 2006

Throughout the first half of 2004, Eriposte of the left coaster published a series in which he analyzed all the available documents from the Niger Yellowcake Uranium forgery. The summary of his findings was posted in August 2004. My graphic on the left is tongue in cheek. It would be almost impossible to summarize his analysis, but I will, at least, mention what I took from it.

These documents, or at least their claims, were probably known to our intelligence agencies before September 11th, 2001. From the outset, they were always suspicious, first by the French Intelligence Agency. Later, the SSMI [Italian Intelligence Agency] had something to do with treating them as credible [by sending ‘cherry picked’ summaries to the C.I.A. rather than the raw documents]. Even at that, the C.I.A. declared them forgeries by the fall of 2002 before they were included in Bush’s 2003 State of the Union Speech. They were included in the speech with the trumped up rationale that the British believed them, and claimed outside corroborating evidence in a published report [there was no corroborating evidence]. This was not ‘faulty intelligence.’ This was a conscious deception by the Administration. When Joseph Wilson began to ask questions, and later published his op-ed piece, they panicked and actively "outed" his wife to discredit him. This is the mother of all smoking guns!

I recommend that anyone with even a passing interest in the fate of western civilization as we know it read Eriposte’s analysis. But I’m mentioning it for another reason. He’s at it again:

In his first series, he was out to show that these documents were forgeries engaged by the Administration to justify the war they were determined to fight. This time, he’s getting at the details, looking for what’s been distorted, what’s missing, and going further into the how and why of this intriguing and tragic mystery. Don’t miss an exciting installment!

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