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Posted on Friday 3 March 2006

Risking Monotony, I continue:
  • Uranium from Africa and the Niger Forgeries: When did the CIA first receive copies of the Niger uranium forgeries? – Part 2: The Dog That Did Not Bark, Again

    The C.I.A. not only ignored the receipt of the Niger documents in October 2002, they also ignored reports in December 2002 that a businessman was moving Uranium from Niger to Iraq. They didn’t even contact him even though they had all the necessary information. All of this was within weeks of Bush’s infamous SOTUS and Powell’s U.N. deceit.

    Eriposte’s Conclusions: The C.I.A. behavior is "consistent with only one meaningful and likely explanation – that the CIA was well aware of the contents of the Niger forgeries, that the uranium from Niger allegations were bogus, and that the claims from the "West African businessman" matched some of the specific information contained in the forgeries. And "if there is any individual on earth who needs to be traced down and questioned immediately, and his links to the Niger forgery cabal examined, it is this "West African businessman"."

Why am I so stuck on this topic, particularly reiterating what another blogger is saying? It’s because I actually have come to believe that this is treason of the first kind. The Neoconservatives may have started with some kind of philosophy, but by the time of Bush’s first campaign, they were beyond philosophy, and down to a specific plan – unseating Saddam Hussein. Apparently, the pulling out of Iraq after the Gulf War on the advice of the C.I.A. was seem as a monsterous mistake. The C.I.A. advised George H. W. Bush that unseating Hussein would destabilize Iraq and lead to an  unmanagablel Civil War that would engulf us – and he listened to them. Dick Cheney, by the way was his Secretary of Defense. During the Clinton years, Cheney and the Neoconservatives fumed about this decision, and by the time of George W. Bush’s election, had a pugilistic, imperial, foreign policy plan that they pinned on Reagan, but originated with Paul Wolfowitz and the A.E.I. & P.N.A.C. Think Tanks. It is abundantly clear that The Bush Administration came into office with an axe to grind with the C.I.A., and war fever for another shot at Iraq in their hearts.

So, 911 just fueled this Iraq fever. The thrust of Eriposte‘s conclusions so far is that the C.I.A. always knew that the Niger Uranium story was a hoax – knew it in spades. They didn’t even follow-up on leads. When the Administration began to use this phoney story and other trumped up evidence, the C.I.A. tried to stop them – but to no avail. The C.I.A. was in the "dog-house." This war was mounted based on conscious lies; based on a policy left over from years before; had nothing to do with a "War on Terror." Even the name, Operation Iraqi Freedom, came from the Bush Doctrine Policy. Everything Bush has done is part of this specific foreign policy idea – including appointing a man as our U.N. Representative who doesn’t even believe in the U.N. – John Bolton. They thought the war would be a "walk in the park." And the war part was. But, as predicted by the C.I.A. decades before, that would not be the end of the story…

So why I’m stuck on this particular topic is simple. It’s the Yellow Brick Road. It’s the mother of all lies. They ignored what intelligence we did have, distorted intelligence that was patently false, ignored our U.N. committment, ignored the advice and opinion of our allies, ignored the Geneva Conventions, ignored our Constitution and Congress, and that’s just plain treason.

What else is there to talk about? 

    Dawn C.
    March 4, 2006 | 9:19 PM
    “In August 2002, according to the indictment, the two Aipac officials first met Mr. Franklin, who supplied them with more information, much of it involving policy options toward Iran…”

    Interesting that today’s NYT “puff piece” on the AIPAC indictments, avoids drawing the pertinent connects between Larry Franklin of Rummy, Dick & Scooter’s OFFICE OF SPECIAL PLANS and his EXCHANGE of CLASSIFIED INFORMATION with Israel.

    Also (suspiciously) absent is any mention of “Iraq”… (Or “Ledeen”, “SISMI”, “Ghorbanifar”, “forged NIGER DOCS” etc.) Not surprising.

    and it’s almost ‘cute’ that they chose to keep AIPAC in lower case letters~ less recognizable, perhaps?

    It is only by using the framework of dates/timing of the lead-in to war on IRAQ, by having navigated the path of the FORGED NIGER DOCUMENTS, (coupled w/the knowledge that Judith Miller is ‘named’ in Larry Franklin’s indictment,) and through the Ledeen-OSP connect and LEDEEN/FRANKLIN meetings/relationship with SISMI, that one can understand the full TREASONOUS story lurking between the lines here. And it is only through having an awareness of the OMITTED ‘story’, that one could validate the use of words like “roiled”, “EXPLOSIVE prosecution”, “highly unusual indictment”… etc, as these reporters do, here. It’s like a subliminal suggestion TO READ VERY CAREFULLY BETWEEN THE LINES.

    My guess is at least one of the reporters would have liked to title it:
    “AIPAC fears trial will expose connect to forged niger docs”

    Who do you think ordered this watered down story?

    Dawn C.
    March 4, 2006 | 9:55 PM

    …hmmm David Johnston knew in January the classified info (also) involved IRAQ:

    Former Military Analyst Gets Prison Term for Passing Information

    “Lawrence A. Franklin received a sentence of over 12 years for leaking classified information about Iran and Iraq to a foreign diplomat and two lobbyists.” …

    Dawn C.
    March 5, 2006 | 4:28 PM


    [Mickey, America is being “Enron-ed”]

    Dawn C.
    March 7, 2006 | 11:06 AM
    friendly joe
    March 10, 2006 | 8:04 PM

    I can only hope this is only a short sabbatical on Mickey’s part and not an indication of a blog on its way out. I think he occasionally gets too involved in his subject and needs a little break, and I’m sure all of us hope that is the case now.
    That said, a week between posts is a long time for this writer. As bleak as things are out there we do want you to continue, Mickey.

    Dawn C.
    March 12, 2006 | 8:06 PM
    “He Shall Direct Thy Paths to the Weapons of Mass Destruction.”
    The former U.N. inspector behind the “Saddam Tapes” says God revealed WMD sites to him.

    Dawn C.
    March 15, 2006 | 1:26 PM

    The MINISTRY OF NEWS APPLAUDS YOUR RETURN AND wholeheartly agrees that Peace is moving closer with our Victory over our opponents.

    March 15, 2006 | 2:04 PM

    Dr. DAD…beginning to wonder if you has taken a blog Walk-About.

    Or just having a mental mind rest break (I can relate to that) at the shear volume and weight of the news and events coming at us.

    Hope to see you update soon and keep sharing your thoughts.


    March 16, 2006 | 12:21 PM

    BTW )if you;re stil getting your comments)

    Now Thomas (Newsrack) has a link to become a Citizen Co-Sponsor of Feingold’s S.Res. 398 to Censure ole Chimpy.

    Go and SIGN ON!


    March 22, 2006 | 3:34 PM

    Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack. Where’d you go? The humble masses of office stiffs need their 1B.O.M. fix.

    Dawn C.
    April 2, 2006 | 11:50 PM

    I trust that you caught Karen K on CSPAN. [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] : )

    Dawn C.
    April 6, 2006 | 2:20 PM
  : )
    Libby Says Bush Authorized Leaks By Murray Waas, National Journal

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