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way too little, way too late…

Analysis: Euphoria gone for Bush and Blair … Yahoo News Yesterday’s Men … the left coaster Blair Calls for Unity, Support for Iraq … Washington Post I think they want us to all join hands and forgive them. After all, they said they made a few mistakes [grammatical mistakes] and such. I think they want […]

The Hollow Men

We are the hollow men We are the stuffed men Leaning together Headpiece filled with straw… The Hollow Men T. S. Eliot (1925) The blogs are all over the emptiness of the Bush/Blair "apology" yesterday. I’m not so sure that Blair is quite so guilty as Bush. He seems like a decent sort, caught up […]

the real game…

I seem to be hung up on chess analogies these days. Probably because this Rove thing feels like a game of chess to me. It’s not. It’s for real. The question du jour is can Fitzgerald checkmate Rove, catch him in enough of his endless lies to indict him. But, there’s another thing nagging at […]

nice try?

Rove-Novak Call Was Concern To Leak Investigators  is another Waas "scoop." It basically documents a conversation between Waas and Rove after it was announced that there was to be an investigation before that investigation got underway – a conversation in which Novak told Rove that he wouldn’t "out" him. In the article, Waas makes it […]

we, not-lawyers…

Those of us who aren’t lawyers have been at a disadvantage lately. What’s being reported in the Libby case certainly sounds like Scooter in getting in deeper every day. It appears like his lawyers are being outlawyered at every turn, but who knows? Certainly, in the pending Rove matter, the waters couldn’t be muddier. As […]


"What this latest round of Internet theorizing shows is that there are people who have a deep emotional investment in the belief that Rove is a criminal, and that those people will suspend their critical faculties to accept almost any scenario that supports their belief. Nothing that happens—or doesn’t happen—will change that." Byron York, The […]


The Internet is abuzz about Jason Leopold’s truthout article. Is he crazy? Was he tricked? etc. Imagine another possibility – that at the time he published his article, what he said was 100% true, his sources 100% truthful. That assumption leads to a lot more interesting speculations than the Howard Kurtz’s dismissive barbs.   "In […]

This Daily Kos post is chilling! an end-game possibility that would be Nixon-esque. Is such a thing possible?

okay, the cast pictures

Personally, I find myself a bit irritated by the attacks against truthout.  If they’re wrong, what difference does it make? If they’re right, good for them. My own intuition is that something big is happening, and that none of the parties involved want us to know what it is. That’s their perogative. But speculating is […]