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Yoo Who?

John Yoo? He was the guy who wrote the opinions justifying the "wartime" powers claimed by President Bush at Guantanamo, in the Unwarranted N.S.A. Domestic Eavesdropping, and in the recent bank record spying, etc. Yesterday’s Supreme Court decision threw out his logic decisively. Guess where he is now – the American Enterprise Institute. Today he […]

Bush’s Approval Ratings are instructive as the midterm elections approach this coming November. The most obvious thing is the baseline decline in his popularity that is in the background. Equally striking are the spikes in response to events. The first huge spike is the response to the September 2001 Trade Tower bombing. The next one […]

another inconvenient truth…

Of course it is a must see. They should tape Bush’s eyes open and make him watch it over and over [GOP Ignores Danger of Global Warming]. I grew up thinking the world was soooo big. Why I’d been to Nashville, and Atlanta, and Ohio, and to the beach. I wasn’t a stay at home […]

  The Current Supreme Court Justice John Roberts   Appointed by: G W Bush Justice John Paul Stevens + Appointed by: Ford Justice Antonin Scalia – Appointed by: Reagan Justice Anthony Kennedy + Appointed by: Reagan Justice David Souter + Appointed by: G H W Bush Justice Clarence Thomas – Appointed by: G H W […]

paranoia revisited?

It’s a little hard for me to share much of the enthusiasm over the Supreme Court ruling yesterday. Not so long ago, it would have been 7-1 instead of 5-3. But given the nature of the case, it should be 8-0 or even that the case never came up because we had a President who […]

maybe a duel at dawn…

Michelle Malkin vs Markos Moulitsas

bad men

Speaking of Patriots, here’s someone who isn’t, at least not today. It’s Trent Lott talking about the Supreme Court Decision on the Detainees at Guantanamo. Notice that he hasn’t read it. But much more to the point, he says it’s a bad decision because these are not pussy cats being detained there. He doesn’t address […]

as long as we’re at it, a real Congressman

click the pic Exhibit A: John Murtha. This man is not a Liberal. He is a Patriot. That’s all…

Dear John letters…

Dear John, Last night, President Bush appeared at a big-ticket fundraiser for embattled GOP Senator Jim Talent in Missouri. Tomorrow, it’s off to Ohio to raise funds for Mike DeWine, another GOP Senator that we have a solid chance to defeat come November. The Republicans think they can sneak President Bush and Vice President Cheney […]


Thanks to my daughter for sending these words from a real President.