another inconvenient truth…

Posted on Friday 30 June 2006

Of course it is a must see. They should tape Bush’s eyes open and make him watch it over and over [GOP Ignores Danger of Global Warming].

I grew up thinking the world was soooo big. Why I’d been to Nashville, and Atlanta, and Ohio, and to the beach. I wasn’t a stay at home like my friends. Now I’ve covered the U.S., and Europe, and some of Asia, and parts of South and Central America. But I’ve also seen pictures from space, and I can zoom in with my Google Earth. Our planet’s not so very big any more.

But today, it’s a lot smaller and more fragile than it was just yesterday. It’s because today I saw Al Gore’s fine movie, An Inconvenient Truth. I gather that this is considered to be a "liberal" movie, like Farenheit 911. To my way of thinking, it’s not even political. It’s very convincing science. Global Warming and the consequences are not theory – rather, they are simply fact. The campaign to debunk this truth is absurd. He’s not selling a theory, he’s warning us about something that’s already clearly happening.

But the reason for my writing today isn’t about global warming. Al Gore covers that all by himself. It’s about one graph in his presentation – population.

Forget global warming for the moment. Think population control. Think pro-choice. Put something in the water. Make birth control a sacrament of all religions. Make love , but not babies! Our problem is the number of human beings on this little planet, pure and simple.

That is the real inconvenient truth! Then please think about global warming. Buy a Hybrid. Hug trees. Turn down the lights [Remember, no babies. Way too many people here already!].

Al Gore makes his case well. Saving the planet is no longer a granola, greenpeace, politically correct issue. It’s a vital priority for the near-term future of everyone – conservatives included. I would challenge anyone who doesn’t believe that man made global warming is real and very dangerous to go see it. If we have to watch the news and see Bush and Cheney every night, you owe it to us to see Al’s film. It’s only fair…

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