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you liberals

Rush Limbaugh’s response to the exposure of his Viagra enhanced romp in the Dominican Republic was a couple of jokes and nothing more. When Vice President Cheney shot a hunting companion, he said a bit days later, and that was that. In situation after situation, there seems to be a standard response to criticism or […]

stay in the wilderness too long…

TRex had a fine post on Firedoglake last night. He was talking about the recent "smear Kos" noise in the press after the yearlyKos meeting in Las Vegas. He quotes Billmon: The Swiftboating of Kos Whatever. The truth is that while I admire Kos‘s energy and enthusiasm, and am impressed by the online community he’s […]

Rush is a real card…

Rush on today’s radio show. One really cute fellow, sure enough. Hardy-har-har…  

about hypocrisy…

hy·poc·ri·sy   (h-pkr-s) n. pl. hy·poc·ri·sies The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness. An act or instance of such falseness. [Middle English ipocrisie, from Old French, from Late Latin hypocrisis, play-acting, pretense, from Greek hupokrisis, from hupokrnesthai, to play a part, pretend  : hupo-, hypo- + […]


I hate to make obvious comments, but there’s something sticking in my throat. Bush, Snow, and Cheney came out swinging at various newspapers for revealing yet another probably-illegal domestic spying without-warrant government program. It’s completely clear that they are doing these things without oversight. No one is questioning that such things have to be done. […]

Rush, where have you been?

In case you haven’t seen this. And if you end up wondering what Rush Limbaugh is doing with a bottle full of Viagra in the Dominican Republic, Google "dominican republic" sex. But maybe he went for some beach time and Viagra helps you get a tan. Anything’s possible…

Bush, Cheney assail media over bank-data program Despite the government’s efforts to keep the program quiet, The New York Times laid out the program in detail last week and other major U.S. newspapers also reported on it. Bush said the financial-records monitoring was legal and an important tool for preventing terror attacks. "Congress was briefed. […]

COMMENTARY Saddam’s WMD By PETER HOEKSTRA and RICK SANTORUM June 26, 2006 … The president is the ultimate classifier and declassifier of information, but the entire matter has now been so politicized that, in practice, he is often paralyzed. If he were to order the declassification of a document pointing to the existence of WMDs […]

the answer is “yes”

And on the Eighth Day, Dr. Dobson Created Himself By Eileen Welsome Which is worse – evil, or those who set out to stomp out evil? I think I know the answer. It’s "yes." This article in the Denver 5280 Magazine about James Dobson and Focus on the Family in nearby Colorado Springs is a […]