The Straw Man Fallacy strikes again…

Posted on Saturday 29 July 2006

Rove Blasts Journalists’ Role in Politics. Does anyone else notice that it’s always Rove "blasts" something or another? His divisiveness is one of their major tools. When he recently talked about his usual favorites, Liberals, it was about a group headed for extinction because of their absurd beliefs. Now he talks about the Press as if it thinks with one mind – a deranged mind at that. He paints any "enemy" as a unitary group holding some absurd and devious belief, then creams them. In the recent speeches, he’s followed this same line of reasoning to invalidate everyone, just about, except himself and the Administration he’s created.
    Abby's mom
    July 30, 2006 | 7:06 AM

    Beware of anyone who paints themselves and those who think like them as all good and everyone else as all bad. That’s just not reality.

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