less than zero…

Posted on Saturday 29 July 2006

[Boy, I’ve got a lot to get off of my chest today]. To follow up on a previous thought, there was a movie, Less than Zero, a paradoxical movie about the dangers of Cocaine Addiction starring Robert Downey Jr. [see what I mean about paradox?]. It’s the title that’s always stuck with me. The reason it’s in my mind right now has to do with George W. Bush. 911 was a terrible thing that happened to this country. We did not rise to the occasion.
  1. Bush dallied until Al Qaeda had vamoosed from Afghanistan, then attacked.
  2. He kept us involved in Afghanistan without a plan for what to do there.
  3. He then took us into Iraq on false pretenses and wasted money we don’t have and lives that didn’t need to be lost.
  4. He has pursued no rational diplomatic channels with the Middle Eastern countries. Instead he has provoked and postured like a schoolhouse bully, with about as much success.
  5. He’s alienated and undermined the U.N. and our World Karma
  6. Meanwhile, he’s perverted our form of government beyond recognition.

None of these measures has gotten us anywhere. We are truly operating at "less than zero." We are decidedly worse off that on any day before he got elected, and he seems bound and determined to take us further down with his same twisted policies. I was thinking that he ought to take heed from Mel Gibson and at least make a public apology for his abysmal behavior. And after his drunken disgrace at G8, maybe a stint in rehab would help him as well…

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