can we impeach him now?

Posted on Sunday 30 July 2006

The 60 Minutes program on tonight called Rewriting The Science: Scientist Says Politicians Edit Global Warming Research was sadly what has become a typical report about the Bush White House. NASA Scientist, James Hansen, reports that he is not allowed to speak about his scientific work by order of the White House. His yearly report to Congress, The Planet Earth, has been edited heavily prior to its being submitted by Phil Cooney, a White House lawyer, formerly a lobbyist for the American Petroleum Institute. Mr. Cooney has no science background.

Why can’t Hansen speak? Why is his report edited by a thinly disguised representative of the Oil Industry? It’s because James Hansen is an Environmental Scientist, a world expert on Global Warming, and he wants to tell us that Global Warming is real, that it is accelerating, that it is caused by fossil fuels producing greenhouse gases, and that if we don’t arrest it soon, it will not be reversable. So, the Bush White House has put a muzzle on him and repeatedly misrepresented the results of his observations and research.

The Bush Administration is not just incompetent, not just misguided, they are criminals. They really are. They distort, manipulate, falsify, spin, omit – do anything possible to control information and make it fit the conclusions they want us to believe. And those conclusions are certainly not in our best interests, more importantly, they’re not true…

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