down to brass tacks…

Posted on Monday 31 July 2006

It’s coming up on six years of the Bush Administration, and five years since the 911 attack that brought down the World Trade Towers. They have unfalteringly stayed on the same course – dismantling everything in the government that doesn’t fit the big business agenda, eliminating social and environmental programs, pandering to the sickest side of the Christian fundamentalists, ignoring the Bill of Rights and the Geneva Conventions, and pursuing a dead-end course of international pugilism. We’re headed into the Midterm Election season with about three months to go.

Everyone is hopeful, just like we were in November 2004. The bloggers are flocking to Connecticut, the President’s approval ratings are in the pits, the incredible corruption of the Republican Congress is a matter of public record, and anyone who can read knows that the prewar rationalizations for the Iraq War were fiction.

Either, the American people will blast these people out of office or they won’t. And if they don’t, 200 years of the American experiment with democracy will have been wasted. Democracy relies on the majority’s wisdom transcending ideology or manipulation. There’s no question anymore about this Administration’s methodology or designs. The topical issues decided our fate two years ago. This time, it’s a vote about the viability of our whole system of government. It’s the moment of truth for America, and I expect that it’s not the campaign antics that will decide. This one is a test of our collective conscience…


    friendly joe
    August 1, 2006 | 11:24 AM

    “……the incredible corruption of the Republican Congress is a matter of public record.”
    I think we have to set aside the word Republican and be ready to seat the best the Candidates in this upcoming 2006 election regardless of party affiliation. Which sheep is really a sheep and which is the wolf? Are the regular voters ready to make that determination on a district by district House race, and a Senate race by Senate race evaluation? We damn well better hope so.
    It WOULD be ever so nice if the Democrats came up with some decent candidates to match against the opposition. It’s been too long since that happened.

    Abby's mom
    August 1, 2006 | 8:00 PM

    Good point. Here in our district, there’s no hope of electing a Democrat. In fact, our primaries don’t even have Democrats in most of the local races. In order to vote for a friend who’s running as a Democrat for a state office, we had to give up voting in our local elections, because they were all decided on the Republican ballot.

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