more ‘outing?’

Posted on Tuesday 29 August 2006

from OCT 2005

This graphic is from my attempt a year ago to make sense of the Plame outing. We now know that the question mark beside Novak is for o8 JUL and is Richard Armitage. We also know that there should be one for Bob Woodward and Richard Armitage on 13 JUN. But Scooter Libby and Judith Miller didn’t know about all of that. So, I presume that Libby was actually setting up Judith Miller to write the story, even telling her how to refer to him so as to disguise his identity [by my estimate, Libby should have known Plame was covert]. So, I wouldn’t put it past Rove to be in some way connected with Armitage’s ‘outing’ – to pass this all off as the inadvertant bumbling of a blabbermouth boob, and deflect attention away from Libby’s [Cheney’s] campaign to use Miller in the same way they’d used her with the prewar intelligence leaks. This gambit would also diffuse Plame as a midterm election issue…

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