a house divided…

Posted on Saturday 30 September 2006

I went to the ABC news site out of curiosity about how they got hold of the emails to Mark Foley. The reporter on the story was Brian Ross. I didn’t find the answer to my question, but while I was there, I noticed the comments to the first story. Here are just a few, typical of the majority:

Brian Ross, the King of sensationalistic crap. Way to go, Brian. Do they pay you commission on this gossip?

The Democrats can count on you for parrotting their attacks on Republicans, can’t they?

What is the relevance of reporting the gender of the page?

Witch hunt? Give me a break…… Must be a slow news day. Oh, that’s right – it’s 41 days from mid-term elections and time for the left-wing media to slap the Republicans yet again, right?

How warped is this kid? It is a very sad day when we must worry about being friendly to others. Without more, the words shown in this story are very innocent. It is the sick mind of the reader that reads dark messages into them. We should be aware of sexual predators, but me must not make a boogie man out of anyone being friendly.

This is NOT news! Quit wasting my time with this worthless questionable garbage.

Good grief……are all of these ‘witch hunts’ really necessary?? Had one of my teenage sons received an e-mail in that context, I would not have thought it at all ‘untoward.’

This seems completely innocent to me – and I’m a confirmed Bush-hater. Why do we see something like this as a crime?

What a bunch of BS!

Sounds like this might be someone trying to get attention. This seems like the kind of dialogue that might take place at an internship type scenario between a boss and a fellow. Age? Interests? A picture for records? Only someone looking to make a big deal of this sort of thing would notice something like this.

Doesn’t seem so bad so me. On this alone I don’t see the issue. IF this is all the info then what is the problem?

What’s wrong Rhonda and Maddy, not enough REAL news to keep you busy? I’m neither Republican nor Democrat, but I know an empty, vacuous piece of journalistic junk reporting when I see it. I live in the Southwest, and I know for certain that there are migrant crop harvesting jobs available here that would better suit you. Journalism certainly isn’t where your talents lie.

I wondered what the people who posted these messages think now?

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