Press·idential Tactics II

Posted on Tuesday 26 December 2006

King George II"But the true history of any administration is not going to be written until long after the person is gone. It’s just impossible for short-term history to accurately reflect what has taken place. Most historians, you know, probably had a political preference, and so their view isn’t exactly objective — most short-term historians. And it’s going to take a while for people to analyze mine or any other of my predecessors until down the road when they’re able to take — watch the long march of history and determine whether or not the decisions made during the eight years I was President have affected history in a positive way."
George W. Bush [perhaps planning to screw up some more history?]

This is how Mr. Bush ended the Press Conference on December 20, 2006. Two things bother me about it:

Problem: First he says, "during the eight years I was President." That says to me he’s not sufficiently frightened about being impeached.
Solution: Begin impeachment proceedings in January 2007.
Problem: The second thing is that it sounds like he’s prepping us for bombing Iran. He’s saying this obviously scripted piece for a reason, and I’m not excited about how I hear it. It almost sounds like he’s saying, "You ain’t seen nothing, yet."
Solution: Begin impeachment proceedings in January 2007.

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