Judy’s day in the sun…

Posted on Tuesday 30 January 2007

Judy comes to court...

"Here she comes. White shirt, big lapels. No glasses. Checks her counsel, puts glasses on (they’re on a fancy string around her neck), is nodding. She doesn’t seem like she’s breathing." Marcy Wheeler, on Firedoglake

Oh, she’s breathing all right [See the small wisps of smoke coming from her nostrils?]. She’s on the stand right now. So far, it’s just a rehashing of what we already know, the chronology. Well, there was something I didn’t know – how they met.

Fitzgerald: How did you first come to know Libby?
Miller: When I was Coauthoring book on bioweapons, in 2001.
Fitzgerald: Who were your Coauthors?
Miller: William Broad and Steven Engelburg.
Fitzgerald: How did your work on the book Germs come to bring you in contact with Libby?
Miller: Engelburg said Libby was helpful.
Fitzgerald: When did you meet Libby?
Miller: I believe I called him and asked to see him.
Fitzgerald: Approximate time frame?
Miller: Between 9/11 and the beginning of Iraq war.
Fitzgerald: When did you Eventually meet?
Miller: In OEOB. He said he had liked our book, Germs. He had not received an inscribed copy that others who had contributed had received.

[italics – my additions to Wheeler’s notes for clarity.]

Right now, she’s getting hammered about not remembering the June 23 meeting with Libby in her first Grand Jury outing, the one where Fitzgerald sent her home to think about it. Jeffress, the defense attorney interviewing her right now is trying to make her look a bit like a bold faced liar. You know, I think he’s right, but that she’s telling the truth about Scooter today.

Apparently, selective memory doesn’t play too well in the courtroom. Sent to jail during the Grand Jury hearings. Fired by the New York Times. Pummelled by Libby’s lawyer in the trial. This lady really is a magnet for bad Karma. Some day in the sun this turned out to be…

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