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Posted on Tuesday 27 February 2007

I worry a lot about how quickly stories move from the front page to the trash. The one I was thinking about today was the IG Report on Douglas Feith. Feith has a Talking Point story that’s completely located in some fantasy land. The evidence against it is so overwhelming, known to anyone who has heard Feith’s now disavowed propoganda lines repeated ad nauseum by Bush and Cheney as "intelligence." And he committed a real crime. He leaked his own Top Secret memo to Kristol’s Weekly Standard.  But the other reason to keep Feith on the front page is that he is a self-justifier who can’t keep his foot out of his mouth [and I really like my book cover graphic].

I was about to write a post – something like, "What happened to the Douglas Feith story?" But then I hear the "you’ve got mail" ding. It was an email from a news-serve that I subscribe to as a way of keeping up with the neoconservatives. And there it was – an email forwarded from you-know-who himself:

Two items:

o  I have created a website that contains articles and information on this
DOD IG report.  The website is  You may want to take a
look.  I plan to use it to continue posting informative items about the IG
report.  I will soon add material on other subjects.

o  Below is an article from National Review Online by Mario Loyola, who
worked with me for a while at the Pentagon.

Stay tuned. All the best.


Don’t worry, Doug. We’ll definitely "stay tuned"…

    February 28, 2007 | 1:11 AM

    [Insert belly laugh .gif]

    from Feith’s site:
    More information coming soon..

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