hold on…

Posted on Tuesday 29 May 2007

While I hate the fact that the Democrats failed to get the Iraq Bill we all wanted through the Bush Blockade, I’m not as discouraged as Cindy Sheehan of some of the bloggers. We’ve been walked on for six years – "we" being that heterogeneous group they call Liberals – "they" being… well you know who. The painful dichotomy between "we" and "they" was not of our own making. It was a creation of the Karl Rove coalition of religious bigots and neoconservatives that threw gasoline on the usual political fire and took over the country. I don’t think winning by force will quell the flames. What I want is for the people who bought the crazy line of this Administration to come to their senses. I want thr right-thinking Republicans to start voting like American Patriots rather than Party Operatives. If it means we have to endure more deaths, more BUllSHit, I guess that’s what will have to happen.

Because it’s going to take a bipartisan government to clean up the ungodly mess that Bush/Cheney/Rove created. There is a strong Conservative trend in this country right now, and we’ll never overwhelm them. We need for them to see that what Bush has done has nothing to do with Conservatism. They need to help us throw him and his Nazi Policies out. Conservative people don’t become Liberal, but they can become sane. So, I guess we just keep plugging along. We’ve come a long way since January. I know we’ve got a long way to go and I’m impatient too, but it took six years for this madness to become something that we even had a shot at. I’m guessing it’ll take longer than we’d like to make a real dent in it.

The [revised] gospel song we all sang back in the Civil Rights days was "Keep your eyes on the Prize, Hold on."

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