about Sara [not so much]…

Posted on Wednesday 30 May 2007

The two emails below are the only ones with Sara Taylor’s name on them in the whole DoJ email dump. But her name is on six from the group of withheld emails in Kyle Sampson’s posession [what was that excuse for withholding emails?]:

The first five are related to discussions about the firing of Bud Cummins to give Tim Griffin a place as a U.S. Attorney [recall that Tim Griffin is a former colleague of both Monica Goodling and Sara Taylor]. And then there’s one that goes with the two listed in the last post [emails from Jeffery [Scott] Jennings about Iglesias’ Press Conference]. One wonders what they were saying about those articles that took 2 or 3 pages, and one really wonders what they had to say about Iglesias. The central point is by what authority do they withhold these emails? It seems like with both Sampson and Taylor resigning, it’s hard to argue that the emails aren’t relevant.

On another note, there’s very little information available about Sara Taylor on the Internet. She had a father. She went to college. She went to the reception for Queen Elizabeth. She wrote one email and received seven. She made a speech to the National Republican Lawyers Association. She was cochair of the National College Republicans [like mentor Karl Rove]. She’s thirty-two years old, meaning she joined the Bush machine at twenty five. That’s it so far.

But, as for a candidate for a U.S. Attorney firing list-maker, she’s way in the lead… 

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