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Posted on Saturday 30 June 2007

Packed and ready with time on my hands. So, emptywheel is still at it. She’s on the Tatel Opinion about whether Judith Miller and Matt Cooper have Privilege that was just released. In her last piece, she points to Novak telling the Grand Jury:

According to Novak, when he “brought up” Wilson’s wife, “Mr. Rove … promised to seek declassification of portions of a CIA report regarding the Niger trip, which Rove said “wasn’t an impressive piece of work or a very definitive piece of work”

Tatel appears to believe this is statement supports an argument for perjury; so either Rove testified he said no such thing, or there is a discrepancy about what was said. But consider another really important aspect of this. On July 8 and 9, when Rove is reported to have had this conversation, this report was still classified (as Novak’s column makes clear). Yet, Novak says, Rove discussed it and–from the content of Novak’s column–someone gave him details of it. This issue is all the more interesting as it would mark Rove as having seen the classified report from the CIA, even while he claimed not to know about Plame.
So, Novak is testifying to the Grand Jury that in his first conversation with Rove, Rove is talking about Joseph Wilson’s Report like he’s read it – and telling Novak about it, yet it is still classified. And then there’s this from Novak’s column:
Wilson made an oral report in Langley that an Iraqi uranium purchase was "highly unlikely," though he also mentioned in passing that a 1988 Iraqi delegation> tried to establish commercial contacts. CIA officials did not regard Wilson’s intelligence as definitive, being based primarily on what the Niger officials told him and probably would have claimed under any circumstances. The CIA report of Wilson’s briefing remains classified.
Where did Novak get this information? 
In either case, either Rove leaked details of the report even as he told Novak the report was still classified, or someone–Libby–leaked Novak those details after the Rove conversation.
… bringing up the phone call between Libby and Novak on July 9th that everyone seems to be trying to skirt. Here’s my timeline from the Trial. The red is what Libby acknowledged. The blue is what really happened. It appears that there was also a Libby/Novak phone contact on July 9th that got the old "I don’t remember what we talked about" from both of them.

But what’s the point of all of this. There’s increasing inneundo that Patrick Fitzgerald thought that Rove and maybe Novak lied too, obstructed justice too, and that he was pursuing avenues to try to prove it. I, of course, can’t be trusted to evaluate anything since I would convict Rove at this point on looks alone. But to my totally biased eyes, there’s perjury here. Rove is saying "I heard that too" to imply some benign alibi they cooked up [heard about Plame from Reporters]. But what he really told Novak was that he knew about Wilson’s report, and then he leaked what it said. I think that’s against the law. But Fitzgerald didn’t indict Rove, so there’s something unclear about all of this to me.

emptywheel doesn’t think the Plame case is over and I don’t think the Plame case is over [or, we agree, because the case isn’t over]. Somewhere in the chain of information, somebody who knew Valerie Plame was undercover told somebody else about her. That is simply a fact. Somewhere, somebody gave the coordinated go-ahead to leak her identity to the Press. That’s also a fact. So this is an open case. Scooter Libby may go to jail for not telling us the answer, but that doesn’t negate the question.

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    July 2, 2007 | 5:35 PM

    I know Mickey’s away in Europe but I’m so mad at the Bush/Cheney Presidency that I had to write to anybody looking at the site. I’ve written my Congressman, Speaker Pelosi, and my 2 senators demanding That they put impeachment on the table. These two criminals think they own this country and they are ruining it. They have to be stopped and impeachment seems to be the only thing left. They are much worse thatn Nixon, Agnew.

    July 3, 2007 | 12:00 AM
    July 4, 2007 | 9:15 AM

    I’d wanted to send you the hard copy of this article, ‘forever’ ago. It’s finally available online. [ : ) ] Happy journeying, you two. Best to you both.


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