this doesn’t need to go under the rug…

Posted on Sunday 30 September 2007

5 Witnesses Insist Iraqis Didn’t Fire On Guards
State Dept. to Study System for Security

Five eyewitnesses to a Sept. 16 shooting incident in Baghdad involving the private security firm Blackwater USA insisted that company guards fired without provocation, forcing civilians and Iraqi police to run for cover, and that the Iraqi officers did not return fire.

The eyewitnesses and a senior Iraqi police official close to an investigation of the incident contradicted initial accounts provided by the company and the State Department, which employs Blackwater to protect U.S. diplomats. At least 11 Iraqis died in the shootings, which have focused attention on the actions of largely unregulated security companies operating in Iraq.

"The Iraqi security forces had the right to shoot at them when they saw the [Blackwater] convoy shooting at the people, but they did not shoot at the convoy," said Ahmed Ali Jassim, 19, a maintenance worker who saw the incident. "When they see Iraqis getting shot like that, their blood would be boiling. But no one crossed the limits."

The latest eyewitness accounts emerged as the State Department announced the creation of a high-level panel to assess whether appropriate rules are in place for the three private firms that protect U.S. diplomats and other civilian officials, whether the companies — including the largest, Blackwater — are following those rules, and whether the system should be altered or scrapped altogether.
I would think that this is an inevitable outcome opf using Mercenary Soldiers in a War Zone. Just like Abu Ghraib was inevitable considering the Administration’s attitude on human rights. War is Hell on it’s own. We don’t need to be pushing it along… 
    September 30, 2007 | 2:39 PM

    Check out No Quarter which is Larry Johnsons web site about Seymour Hersh’s article about the push for war with Iran. I’m beginning to lose hope that this Administration can be stopped before it’s too late. I feel like I’m burning out.

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