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Posted on Friday 19 October 2007

Britain is calling for a multi-billion-pound aid package from rich nations to encourage Burma’s ruling military junta to move towards democracy. Gordon Brown has written to other world leaders outlining his "carrot and stick" approach, under which Burma would face tougher sanctions if its leaders refused to bow to pressure for democratic change.

Britain wants the United Nations to follow the European Union’s example by banning arms sales to Burma. EU foreign ministers meet today to discuss the recent crackdown on Burma’s pro-democracy protests, and Britain will seek to outlaw imports of such Burmese commodities as timber, gems and metals, as well as calling for an end to investment in the country if there is no progress on reconciliation.

Mr Brown said: "We cannot forget the images on our television screens of monks and ordinary citizens in Burma protesting, nor the death and human rights abuses we know are still taking place. "As I have made clear, we will not turn away."
[I’ll refrain from mentioning that Mr. Bush seems to have forgotten Burma already.] I wonder now if sanctions will do the job in Burma.  The Junta is very out of touch with the world, and even Burma itself – having retreated to Pyinmana, their new Capital in the jungle. Nothing so far indicates that General Shwe’s interested in making any changes. Unless he fears for his life, why would he allow a democracy which will throw him out on his ear in a New York second? But good for Gordon Brown. At least he recalls that Burma is a problem…
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