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Posted on Tuesday 29 January 2008

Democrat Vote
Clinton 795,730 50%
Obama 523,733 33%
Edwards 232,610 15%
82% reporting 1,552,070  

Republican Vote
McCain 646,050 36%
Romney 556,262 31%
Giuliani 264,922 15%
Huckabee 242,832 15%
Paul 57,818 3%
82% reporting 1,767,884  

Sure are a lot of Democrats voting in the Florida Primary that means nothing…
Oh yeah. So long Rudy…
    January 30, 2008 | 8:51 AM

    The NYTimes has an editorial about the lastest signing statement of Bush. I don’t think I have the energy to get mad at another outrageous thing this president has done because he has done so many illegal things and he is getting away with it. I want vengence and I know that is not a healthy way to think and live. Isn’t there anybody with a vision of the future who can expose Bush’s past too? I would feel better if one of the candidates had a chart he carried at every campaign stop which read this is what Bush did starting in August 2001, at his ranch when he was told the Bin Laden was determined to stike inside the US. Then the chart would show all the lies leading up to the Iraq War. It would show how many Iraqis have died in estimated reports possible a 1,000,000 plus American soldiers, nearly 4000. You get the idea. Outting a CIA operative to punish a husband who knew Bush had lied us into war and to send a message to the other CIA agents to think twice before coming forward to reveal what Bush and Cheney were doing with the so-called evidence from crazy people like curveball in Germany. There is not enough being done to stop the madness of the Bush Administration and he needs to be reined in because he can do a lot more damage in a year. Speaker Pelosi should be removed from her posts for endangering our country for not reviewing all the impeachable crimes of this Administration.

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