Scenario III revisited…

Posted on Friday 28 March 2008

My last post was something I woke up thinking. I guess it’s like going to bed worrying, and waking up knowing what to do. I believe this is a Bush/Cheney Operation. They got Malaki to initiate it because they could legitimately say, if you don’t do this now, you’re going to be left with an Iraq you can’t defend and an oil port in the hands of your enemies. Cheney flew to Iraq to assure him that we would back him up. I expect their plan was to make it appear that U.S. Forces "joined" the Iraqi Army when they encountered strong resistance. Petraeus is in Washington, so the "joining in" must have been preordained. Their possible motives are listed in my last post.

What bothers me is that they never do anything "straight," even if it doesn’t matter. They always have a scripted campaign to force us to believe something they want us to believe to undercut our thinking for ourselves. The problem with their underground scenarios is that they almost never work [except in getting people elected]. I think one of the goals here is to have all of us covering our cars with American flag stickers by mid-October, right before the election, because of their great success with the Surge and the Battle for Basra.  If it blows up in their faces, you can count on there being no plan for what to do next. That’s their M.O.. They never think that one of their grand schemes might not work, and what to do if/when it doesn’t. It’s called Narcissism. "If  I  think it, it’s a good idea that will work. It’s a slam dunk!"

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