desert weeds…

Posted on Tuesday 29 April 2008

latitude 35.707810°
longitude 39.833369°
latitude 31.003138°
longitude 35.146744°
latitude 33.723558°
longitude 51.728395°

The Middle Eastern deserts have grown a lot of these stark desert blooms, visible for all to see on Google Earth ®. They’re Uranium Enrichment Plants. The top one was bombed out of existence by Israel in September 2007. The other two are living and well, centrifuges spinning at breaknet speeds. Israel’s DIMONA has been running for almost 50 years, though they still don’t admit it’s there. Iran, on the other hand, proudly showed off some pictures recently [Western scientists intrigued by photos from Iran’s nuclear site].

Cheney et al see the only way to deal with these desert weeds is to bomb theirs, and keep ours. That’s counter to any slight understanding of human nature. There are other ways to think about this problem. But, even more to the point, there are other people to put in charge of our thinking…

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