just greedy…

Posted on Sunday 31 August 2008

Independent of other considerations, things like the selection of Sarah Palin, Bush racing off to be Mr. FEMA, thinking about postponing their Convention, John MCCain saying whatever the former Bush base needs to hear, even the "Surge" that finally sent enough troops to at least slow down the violence in Iraq, etc. are all things designed for political gain – not things that are necessarily good for the country. Karl Rove and Dick Cheney are masters at manipulating public opinion. They are also masters of avoiding responsibility for doing it. Now, it has become a culture of manipulation without much real focus on the thing they’re doing. Sarah Palin may be a perfectly lovely, thoughtful person, but that’s not why she’s being chosen. She’s being run to appease the Right Wing base and perhaps pick up some female votes. Bush may be filled with compassion for the New Orleans people after letting them fall down last time, but that’s not why he’s speeding to the area. It’s just a show.

Obama puts on a pretty good show. So does Hillary. But that’s not all there is. One can simply see it in their eyes. Integrity is not that hard to spot. Do you see it here?

or here?

I don’t. All day I’ve been thinking about the music of these people. They seem to start with an ideology and fit their comments to the news. That’s what they would say that I do. That I have a liberal bias, and "spin" everything because of it. But what occurred to me this morning is that I don’t have a constituency, unless it’s "all of us." They do have a constituency, and in this of all Administrations, we know who it is – rich people. There isn’t really even an ideology like I thought. There’s only a constituency. I’ve thought of them as idealogues. That’s a trick. They’re just greedy, that’s all.
They think we’re the greedy ones and want all of their stuff. They’re wrong. We just want some of their stuff. There’s more than enough stuff to go around.

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