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Posted on Friday 31 October 2008

from friend Carl in response to the golden rule

    I just watched Rachel Maddow’s interview with Senator Obama from the day before yesterday and in the first part of the interview he was asked (essentially) why he was not maligning Republicans and Conservatives in the same way that “they” were maligning him. What he said is that he believes the Republican Party has itself been “kindapped” (hijacked may have been closer to the truth) by incompetent ideologues and as far as he was concerned there were plenty of “self-identified” Republicans that he believed needed not only to be heard but needed to be at the problem solving table if, indeed, any useful progress is to be made on any one of the myriad crucial issues of the day which the now utterly rudderless and bankrupt administration is leaving as its “gift” to America (this last phrase not Senator Obama’s but rather the pained opining of someone else who has been wrong but saw the light by early March, 2001).

    Here’s to a return of reason and leadership on Tuesday – thanks too to Powell, Parker, Buckley, Adelman, Brooks, Will and lots of other self-identified Conservatives and Republicans who care enough about their country to press whatever influence they can in the service of ending this long nightmare!

Here’s that interview:

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