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Posted on Wednesday 31 December 2008

Who’d have thought 2008 would be like it was? Thank God for the election! For a lot of the rest of it, it’s hard to know what to say exactly. We thought things couldn’t be worse, and then they were. No rest for the weary. In spite of the dreadful financial crisis, two wars, the Israelis and Hamas going at each other, and the fact that we still have to wait a few more weeks, I think we’re about to enter a period of honesty and transparency that’s been gone for way too long. Although I think it’s going to be hard to see what’s there to be seen, I’m up about the future.

A hundred years ago, my grandparents packed up everything they had [a jar of seeds and a bunch of kids] and got on a cattle boat to come here because they were starving. They lived here through the Great Depression, and a couple of World Wars. I have never wanted them to have chosen any another place. I still feel that way. I look forward to our becoming the country that gave them a home again. I want to look back at this post next New Year’s Eve and be proud of how we’ve begun to reclaim our country in 2009.

Elton John was just on the television set from London. He said, "Hello America. You’ve got a new President. And hopefully you’ve got a new future."  That’s sort of what I’m feeling, except I would’ve said, "We’ve got a new President. And we’re about to get our future back."

Good wishes for new year, for all of us…

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