What makes Sammy Glenn Run?

Posted on Tuesday 22 September 2009

As a non-FOX watcher, I guess I’d assumed that Glenn Beck was like their other guys – Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Karl Rove – generating negative Taliking Points hourly against whatever any Democrat or non-conservative said about anything. But that’s not right. The other day, I saw his Rockerfeller Center Art piece which he interpreted as documenting Rockerfeller’s secret Communism and Fascism [and therefore NBC’s Communism and Fascism, because they are in the Rockerfeller building complex]. And then I saw one where he was pushing some corny principles where he’s in tears trying to get us to feel like we felt on 9/12 [@1:23 after the commentary]. Today, I see one when he slams McCain [sorry about the commercials].

Unlike the other right wing nasties who dish up their daily menu of contempt and sarcasm, Glenn Beck seems to be running an Elmer-Gantry-esque program that transcends the political issues of the day and aims for a more primitive level. The recent Time Magazine article [which seemed as disjointed as Beck himself] sees him as connecting with the “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore” disenchantment many of us feel these days. His admixture of hucksterism and libertarianism, served up with shock-value antics, seem to appeal to the same nerve that had people flocking to Pastor Ted Haggard’s church. And like Haggard, it’s hard to argue with Beck, because it’s hard to even figure out where he’s coming from. In that interview with Katie, it’s unclear what he’s even getting at.

I got a feeling that we’re going to be reading an article some day entitled, The Rise and Fall of Glenn Beck. He has the feel of a guy who is going to run out of grass roots juice a lot faster than he yet knows…

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