cheney, to allen, to print…

Posted on Wednesday 30 December 2009

Mike Allen, Cheney’s Chief Spokesman
The Daily Dish

Andrew Sullivan
30 Dec 2009

There he goes again, the mouthpiece for Rove and Cheney, believing his "access" as a stenographer makes him a journalist. It doesn’t. It makes him a stenographer. Allen gussies up his source’s bile with a few fig leaf sentences and a gesture from a Democratic rebuttal. But he also offers the entire Cheney statement – a classic Dolchstoss attack on the president as a traitor – in full. I hope Allen gets his page-views. But shouldn’t the Cheneys be paying him rather than Politico?
As I mentioned earlier, Cheney’s statement makes no sense. Sullivan is right to call Mike Allen’s hand on quoting Cheney with no pushback. Here are a couple of examples of the same thing from earlier in the month.

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