gray viral no-news day…

Posted on Wednesday 30 December 2009

So what’s an old man to do nursing a bad Middle Eastern cold on a gray cold day when the news is gloomy and the concentration center is too viral to read a book or watch tv? Orbitz Golf is the most I can muster. It kept popping up at random times, so I ran it down. It’s here. I’ve got it down to 2 holes in one and one 2 shot.
  • Hole 1: Put the point of the ponytail on the right inside bumper, then move it to the right 1 or 2 pixels. Use full force on the swing. Hole in one!
  • Hole 2 – First Shot: Put the join between the ponytail  and the shirt on the line as shown. Back off on the swing a pixel or 2. If you don’t back off slightly, you’ll end up on the corner. Unmakable.
  • Hole 2 – Second Shot: Putt it in [the one shown just made it].
  • Hole 3: Put the point of the ponytail on the top of the inside upper bumper, then move it up ever so slightly. Use full force on the swing. Another hole in one.
I can’t figure a hole in one on hole number two. I’ve tried a lot of things and been defeated at every turn. I think it’s impossible to do it, but would love to be proved wrong. So if it’s a gray viral no-news day in your neighborhood, be my guest…

I can’t make this work!
    January 1, 2010 | 8:05 PM

    Wow. Abby suggested I take a whack at this thing. Unfortunately my patience ran out in about 2 minutes. Based on that two minutes I would say a hole in one on #2 is damn near impossible.

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