a virile king…

Posted on Thursday 30 September 2010

If the allegations from his Spiritual Sons were not enough, now we begin to hear the thoughts of Eddie Long – like from his book, "What a Man Wants, What a Woman Needs."

And so it goes along the biblical "helpmeat of man" route, until it takes an ironic turn:


Traveling with men to protect him from accusations? And I can’t leave out my two favorites:

How in the world does a virile king and kingdom gentleman with a wife at home rubbing his bald head and playing with his toes get into spandex work-out tee shirts and seducing young fatherless boys?

At first glance, Bishop Long seems to me to fit the classic M.O. for Pedophilia. He was a business major in college who worked for Ford Motors after college but was fired for improper expense accounts. His first marriage was brief, ending in divorce. His ex-wife said he beat her when she was 7 months pregnant. He moved to Atlanta and got a ministerial degree from an unaccredited seminary and went to New-Birth Church in Lithonia, Georgia twenty-three years ago. He rose quickly to prominence, and became very involved in the community and philanthropy, particularly with the youth. That’s what a lot of pedophiles do – ingratiate themselves [eg pedophile Catholic Priests]. It isn’t lost on anyone that he waited until after their age of consent to move on his prey [implying conscious planning]. The seductions were years in the making, also a sign of planning. And domination is a regular theme in the pedophile’s seductions.

But with Eddie Long, there’s more. What do "lead her husband to his anointed position of destiny", "so the angels of God can deal with her husband on another level", or "a virile king or kingdom gentleman" mean? And where does "man’s original nature to rule, give battle, dominate and conquer" or "tools to conquer and dominate the earth" come from? Did I miss a lesson in vacation Bible School? I mentioned megalomania earlier before I read these quotes. Is there such a thing as Megalomanical Megalomania? This is the stuff of delusion.

Eddie Long sounds more like a Roman Emperor from a bad 1950’s movie than a modern minister. One wonders where he thinks he was headed…

    September 30, 2010 | 7:45 AM

    What was the occasion for this photo of him in the red T-shirt strutting his muscular chest with all those presidents and wives-in-black behind him? Surely he didn’t dress like that for Coretta’s funeral? But when else were all the presidents there?

    September 30, 2010 | 8:44 AM

    … just a bit of photoshop magic. If that’s how he wants to be seen, so be it…

    September 30, 2010 | 9:43 AM

    I don’t know if you have read about a Rutgers student who committed suicide after finding out his roommate had filmed his sexual doings with another student and put it on the web for all to see. The freshman student jumped off the George Washington Bridge. One detailed revealed in the news is that the students in the room were both male. How can people be so cruel?Both my sons, and daughter in law graduated from Rutgers so it hits close to home for us.The possible jail time for the students accused of doing this one male and the other female is 5 years. I hope this cruel act will help prevent more tragedies.

    September 30, 2010 | 11:30 AM

    Oh, dear. I’m definitely showing my antique-ness. It never even occurred to me that this was a photo-shop job. But you’re right — that’s what he wanted you to see beneath his robes and trappings.

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