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Posted on Monday 29 November 2010

ShrinkRap points us to this:

JEisenhowerohn Boehner is Dwight Eisenhower. Eric Cantor is Omar Bradley. And Joe Barton is George Patton. That’s according to a presentation that Barton plans to give to the committee of House Republicans Tuesday that will determine whether he wins the chairmanship of the powerful Energy and Commerce Committee.

Eisenhower, Bradley and Patton were accomplished leaders and revered generals, but they were also defined by the evil nature of their enemy, Nazi Germany. Barton, in a presentation laced with violent rhetoric, specifically refers to himself and other Republican leaders as in a "battle against the Obama administration." Boehner is the incoming House speaker and Cantor will be elevated to minority leader.

"Speaker Boehner is our Dwight Eisenhower in the battle against the Obama Administration," says Barton’s presentation, which was obtained by The Huffington Post. "Majority Leader Cantor is our Omar Bradley," it goes on. "I want to be George Patton – put anything in my scope and I will shoot it," promises Barton. The slide is headlined: "What’s in Store for the Obama Administration"…
Is there a law against impersonating an officer? Best I can tell, none of the three [John Boehner, Joe Barton, and Eric Cantor] served in the military. Boehner’s Wikipedia entry says U.S.Navy, though all other sites say "did not serve" for all three – not even as weekend warriors. But I gather from this that the spirit of bipartisan cooperation isn’t yet flowing freely in their veins…
    November 30, 2010 | 10:09 AM

    If the stakes were not so high, this would be laughable on the face of it – the cheek, the gall, the naivete. Would that Mr. Barton apply some of his stated considerable energy for destructive opposition to his obvious sloth as a historian.

    It IS illegal to impersonate an officer and as soon as he shows up at one of his hearings in the uniform of a general officer – well, Tom DeLay could be getting a roommate.

    November 30, 2010 | 12:55 PM

    My husband of little words about politics etc just told me that he is mad at Obama because of his freeze of federal employees salaries for 2 years. I thought about what he said and told him that I can’t remember a time where there was a more destructive behavior towards the president and the country than by the Republican congress to make sure he fails. I find it also very racist. The same people who wear teabags at rallies and others or both who hang American flags on their houses and wear flags on their lapels are damaging America with their very Unamerican acts. Shame on them. Our country is hurting and theses people want a white man to be president. Lots of them can’t accept a black president Lets call it what it is RACIST. When Obama was elected I thought to myself we have finally voted for a man who is the best man for the job and he happens to be black. I was very proud of our people for their color blindness but I was wrong. I hope someone will tell Obama to just do the right thing for the country and to heck with Republicans who can’t even vote for the National Security Bill START. He needs to ignore them and fight for Americans despite the hatred going on in the country right now. A majority voted for him and to heck with those who didn’t He tried but no amount of trying to compromise will ever happen with this Republican congress.

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