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Posted on Friday 10 December 2010

POGO Letter to NIH on Ghostwriting Academics
  November 29, 2010 – Revised December 9, 2010
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  November 29, 2010
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  November 30, 2010
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  December 2, 2010
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  December 8, 2010
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  December 8, 2010
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  December 8/9, 2010
Letters from Drs. Nemeroff’s and Schatzberg’s Lawyer to POGO
  December 9, 2010
POGO’s second reply to letters from Dr. Schatzberg and Dr. Nemeroff
  December 9, 2010

I wrote an email to the American Psychiatric Association about a response to the POGO letter to the N.I.H. about ghost-writing in the psychiatric literature financed by the Pharmaceutical Industry. My letter complained that the APA looked kind of silly defending its recent past president and his coauthor so quickly without taking time to investigate the facts. Their response wasn’t very satisfying. I’ve posted neither my nor their emails to avoid the obvious he said, she said exchanges going on about this issue.

It seems that Drs. Nemeroff and Schatzberg are retaliating legally, denying that the book was ghostwritten and mobilizing their forces for a legal harangue in the courts. I suspect that all the blog and media attention this issue has gotten has just added to their rage. They’re posturing to sue POGO for damages.

I think it’s probably time for this issue to be litigated openly in a court of law. It’s been alluded to repeatedly in suits against the Pharmaceutical Companies, but those have been individual damage suits, or FDA suits, but not the academic physicians being accused of  inappropriate industry influence pitted against the evidence against them. Those of us interested in these topics know what we think, based on report after report of their misdeeds, but never have they faced those charges directly to my knowledge. Dr. Nemeroff and Dr. Schatzberg were both removed from their positions on large NIMH Grants for Conflicts of Interest. Both stepped down from Chairmanships of Psychiatry Departments. And although Dr. Nemeroff was banned by Emory from applying for N.I.H. Grants, he was not "fired."

So it’s time to hear the case with all the evidence at hand. If it goes to court, it will be by the hands of Drs. Nemeroff and Schatzberg. They are claiming that their reputations have been damaged by POGO, rather than by what they’ve done. We’ll see if they can prove that. Perhaps their lawyers haven’t had enough time to review their histories…
    December 11, 2010 | 10:53 AM

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    December 12, 2010 | 1:12 AM

    If it doesn’t go to court by hands of schatzberg and nemeroff, it should go by hands of responsible psychiatrists. These “doctors” have done a lot of damage to the Psychiatry profession. Other than “legally” stealing NIH money that could have been used to finance responsible research being denied to other clinical investigators.

    December 13, 2010 | 2:07 PM

    Carlat ghostwrote a Nemeroff apology in his latest post–classic

    December 14, 2010 | 8:32 AM

    […] 14, 2010 Update: After an exchange of letters between lawyers representing the researchers and POGO, POGO has basically retracted the claim that the textbook was ghostwritten. Since the only document […]

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