a pretty rotten era…

Posted on Sunday 19 August 2012

If you have the time, it’s instructive to read through the DOJ complaint. It’s thorough and factual. I wrote Dr. Drell [below] and received a response that the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry is currently "vetting" the issue and making decisions about a response. I appreciate his responding and I guess that’s all we can ask for the moment. The DOJ’s complaint is comprehensive and GSKs plea agreement is unequivocal. As I said in my last post [the responsible party…], it seems clear to me that the responsibility for retraction rests with the journal’s sponsoring organization.

The DOJ complaint above had some information that relates to another recent matter [more Gibbons…] – Dr. Karen Dineen Wagner:

Recall Wagner’s recent review of the Gibbons articles in the Psychiatric Times [Antidepressants: Risk vs Benefit in Depression]. She was hawking Paxil in kids a decade ago [and Prozac and Zoloft]. She was involved with the notorious TMAP/CMAP scam in Texas. She was part of the Biedermania over Childhood Bipolar Disorder. She was listed in Senator Grassley’s rogues Gallery. Now here she is presenting Dr. Gibbons’ terminally flawed meta-analysis in a matter of fact way in the Psychiatric Times. There’s something terribly wrong here – child psychiatrist for hire?

All things considered, we’ve been through a pretty rotten era…
    August 19, 2012 | 9:20 PM

    A rottenera.
    With plenty of rotten apples.
    Like Wagner.


    August 20, 2012 | 1:19 AM

    Just the tip of the criminal iceberg…but with a little slight of hand, and some pharmaceutical industry smokeNmirrors….look at the iceberg magically disappear…

    Nick Stuart
    August 20, 2012 | 1:59 PM

    Lawsuits can only be beneficial. Psychrights.org

    August 20, 2012 | 6:50 PM

    Thanks very much for writing Dr. Drell, Dr. Mickey.

    August 20, 2012 | 11:34 PM

    Beating a very weary horse… but WHEN does it become apparent that when “trusted” medical authorities make false statements that solicit the public into treatment that is known to cause harm, we are looking at FRAUD. This brand of fraud is a crime in every state. It is the duty of the Attorney General to criminally prosecute those who commit this type of fraud– breeching the public trust.

    The tipping point that would bring about a paradigm shift for psychiatry is the public education that would result from the first criminal indictment of a child psychiatrist who has “gone one record”…. making fraudulent statements about the causes for psychiatric illness in children and the safe use of psychiatric medications to treat them. Biederman, Wilens, Spencer,… Wagner…etc. etc. etc.

    August 21, 2012 | 12:04 AM

    It’s fraud, medical malpractice, and a particular sort of criminal restraint in many cases. Robbing a person of the ability to perform unnecessarily, and doing so with court orders should be a criminal offense and a violation of Civil Rights. The very idea that once a person has a psychotic episode that the State can collude with psychiatry in an effort to keep that person tranquilized for life is anything but “scientific”.

    August 21, 2012 | 11:17 AM

    I agree, Wiley. And just want to clarify that i am not talking about “medical malpractice”, but a violation of law that protects the public from any practice of fraud that causes harm… for profit. I think this is a hang up most have on the topic of criminality as it applies to these psychiatrists. The practice of medicine is still viewed in a special light… accountable to its own standards. Medical practice is the domain of the ‘chosen’ to translate, practice and evaluate. Doctors have stepped outside of their brotherhood, in my opinion and need to be held accountable as the average citizens they all are at the end of the day. I say this without a race of animosity. My conclusion here is the place where I decided to “stop thinking”… it bolis down quite simply in the final analysis. A crime is a crime is a crime.

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