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Posted on Friday 24 May 2013

It’s Abby, daughter of the Not-Really-That-Boring-Only-Sort-of-Old Man, here to see if I can get this plugin working again. Pay no attention to the daughter behind the curtain, etc, etc, etc…

    May 24, 2013 | 11:05 AM

    My work is done here!

    May 24, 2013 | 4:27 PM

    Thanks, Abby.

    Here’s a vindicating post in Scientific American, addressing a perennial favorite here at not-so-boring-old-man

    So many symptoms are now being medicalized, even absurdly, grief. It makes me wonder if there a DSM 5 diagnosis for someone who is self-serving, can’t accept criticism, and believes critics are prejudiced bigots?

    I was very disappointed to see Dr. Lieberman’s shallow, self-serving and evidence-free diatribe appear in Scientific American as a guest opinion. He failed to reveal important conflicts of interest. He made serious claims for which he presented no evidence. He has made thinly veiled personal attacks on his critics, without offering anything substantive to counter rationally. Dr. Lieberman has failed to offer any evidence to refute assertions that Dr. Elliot and others have made, on a point by point basis.


    May 24, 2013 | 5:39 PM

    Thanks! Once again you prove that nerd is a genderless term. I just couldn’t figure it out…

    Judy Stone is one of the brighter lights! Stone 1, Lieberman 0…

    Berit Bryn-Jensen
    May 24, 2013 | 7:33 PM

    Thank you Abby! Thank you Wiley!
    Lieberman sowed wind. He reaped the whirlwind.
    Thanks to Judy Stone!

    May 25, 2013 | 6:31 PM

    Ha! Auto-tweeting the blog! Thanks, Abby. 1boringoldman.com deserves the attention.

    Now to auto-post to FB!

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