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Posted on Thursday 23 October 2014

from AllTrials

Dear Friends

We have a chance to get the most influential health body in the world – the World Health Organisation [WHO] – to say something strong on the need for the results of all clinical trials to be publicly reported. Following all of our pressure, the WHO has decided it needs to say something about this and is seeking comments on its draft policy. We have to grab this fantastic opportunity with both hands.

We all have to tell the WHO that this is a very welcome move and that it must take this opportunity to set a strong global standard for clinical trial reporting by:

  1. Calling for the results of all past clinical trials to be reported, as well as all future clinical trials.
  2. Requiring results to be reported within in 12 months, rather than permitting delays of 18-30 months. The USA’s FDA Amendment Act, the newly adopted EU Clinical Trials Regulation and pharmaceutical companies including GSK and LEO Pharma all agree that 12 months is enough time to report results.
  3. Encouraging researchers to put results on publicly accessible registers, in useful, standardised formats.

Email your comments to before Saturday, 15 November 2015. Please remember to include your name and contact details as the WHO will not consider anonymous comments.

You can read the full AllTrials response to the WHO policy here. Feel free to add any of our words to your own comment.

We know the WHO is going to face resistance from some sectors who say the draft statement goes too far. We can’t let the WHO only hear from those opposed to greater transparency.

Please write to them today.

Best wishes

If you didn’t get this email, it probably means you haven’t signed the AllTrials petition. After you sign up for AllTrials, then respond to the WHO after reading their draft if you can think of ways to strengthen it. They’re right. It is a real opportunity…

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