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As some of you know, a group of us are on a RIAT [restoring invisible and abandoned trials] team that has spent the last year working on the first shot at an independent team analyzing and reporting on someone else’s Clinical Trial. It has been a great learning experience for me, and has been the […]

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I’m aware that an argument broke out in the comments that stepped outside the little box above the comments section – went interpersonal. It has happened before, which why that box says what it says. The first time, the circumstances were unusual. It was someone in town who discovered I had a blog and inserted […]

The Project for a Scientific Psychology – 2014


When Sigmund Freud was in his 30’s, a young neurologist, he began to try to connect what he knew about the brain and what he saw in human behavior. The end of the 19th Century had seen a flowering of knowledge about the brain anatomy, micro-anatomy, and their correlation with the neurological syndromes. He wrote […]