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Posted on Saturday 26 March 2016

X & Y ChromosomesLast summer, in announcing my discovery of a biomarker for suicidality, I failed to mention that it was unclear whether it was the Y chromosome itself or the absence of the second X chromosome that was the culprit. No progress has been made in answering this important question over the course of the last year.

Genomic Biomarker for Suicidality Found!

Independent Georgia researcher, 1boringoldman, working closely with the CDCwebsite discovers clear evidence of…

pollen granuleIn other news, our lab’s ongoing longitudinal analyses, now in the eighth year, is close to confirming a biomarker in a new psychiatric disorder – Seasonal Dementia – found only in predisposed individuals:

    James O'Brien, M.D.
    March 26, 2016 | 11:59 AM

    Can’t wait for some new AJP articles on the comorbid relationship of suicidality to interest in pornography, barbeque and MMA. Further studies needed to see if this is related to any specific genetic biomarker.

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