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a block-buster-in-training…


Looking through the December American Journal of Psychiatry, there was a small study in the Letters section, Effect of a Novel NMDA Receptor Modulator, Rapastinel [Formerly GLYX-13], in OCD: Proof of Concept. They had given intravenous Rapastinel [GLYX-13] an NMDA receptor partial blocker to seven patients with severe OCD. Remember Rapastinel [GLYX-13]? It’s the Ketamine-like […]

speaking of bottoms…


With media watchdogs on the sidelines, pharma-funded advocacy groups pushed Cures Act to the finish line  HealthNewsReview by Trudy Lieberman December 6, 2016 hat tip to AA…  A Frenzy Of Lobbying On 21st Century Cures Kaiser Health News By Sydney Lupkin November 28, 2016 hat tip to Mark Wilson…  Excellent summaries of the problem. My […]

is there no bottom?…


Just when you think you’ve found the bottom of a rotten barrel, you poke through and there’s even more corruption below. Read these [because you can’t not read them]… New Report Exposes “Patient Advocacy” Groups as a Big Pharma Scam The Intercept by David Dayen December 1, 2016 DRUG MONEY: PART I FDA Depends on […]

déjà vu…


I ran across this article on a recent drive-by of this month’s journals. It seemed like an anachronism, like something from the past. But more than that, I had an uncanny déjà vu feeling about it. It took a while to recall why. Back when I was first looking at clinical trials [2010?], I found […]

looking back…


NETWORK META-ANALYSIS: John Ioannidis Let’s face it – for as much as Congress and the evening news pundits push us to look forward to bold new medical breakthroughs, for a lot of us, this is a time for looking back over where we’ve been and cleaning up a lot of misinformation and garbled, deceitful science. […]

in the realm of hypothesis…


Hopes of preventing psychosis with fish oil flounders: study The Australian Doctor by Clare Pain 28 November, 2016 Leading psychiatrist Professor Patrick McGorry’s hopes that fish oil may protect young people from developing psychosis have proved to be unfounded. In a follow-up study of more than 300 young people at high risk of psychosis, omega-3 […]