Help Remember My Old Man

Posted on Wednesday 22 February 2017

You are all invited to share your memories of my father and his work. I have created a site for such purposes.

    Jane Taylor
    February 25, 2017 | 1:32 AM

    I feel so sad ….. it was through my email contact with Mickey Nardo (at the very beginning of ‘my journey’ about psych drug harms) after a 1BOM blog came up in my google search on Seroquel, that I learnt about the existence of David Healy back here in UK and both 1BOM and DH’s blogs really were a life saver for me, because otherwise I may well still be following ‘doctors orders’ which were that I would need medication for life and thus would have faced, no doubt, a premature death.

    (I was diagnosed with bi-polar 2 when it is so clear to me, knowing what I know now, that I suffered iatrogenic SSRI induced Akathisia which led to being prescribed even nastier antipsychotics)

    So I feel I owe Mickey an awful lot and will be eternally grateful to him for signposting me to a whole new world of TRUTH about the horrific, corrupt story around prescribed meds.

    I am now very well, meds free, happy and SO very grateful to Mickey, for letting the truth be known and for his very kind response to my email back in May 2015.

    God Bless, Mickey and many condolences to his family …..

    PS. I can’t wait for the book based on 1boringoldman that Abby is promising

    February 25, 2017 | 12:13 PM

    Thank you so much, Jane.

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